HTML5 CSS trainings Hyderabad

HTML5 CSS3 is the basis of technologies to build websites. Before CSS’s invention, Web master’s used only HTML technologies with table layouts. Table-based websites are not compatible with every browser. We can create Light-weighted websites with HTML CSS technologies. With our course syllabus, you can learn in-depth html5 css3. Every major browser is compatible with HTML and CSS.

We deliver classroom and online HTML5 CSS3 training for the students who were unable to attend classroom training. To know the achievements of ZEB student’s visit student testimonials.

HTML5 CSS3 training syllabus   

Introduction to Browser Side scripting languages

What is SGML?

History of HTML(Hyper Text markup Language)

HTML Versions

HTML Basic Structure

Importance of Every HTML basic tags

HTML Basic structure and SEO

HTML text formatting tags

HTML Single Level tags

HTML Deprecated tags

HTML forms creation

XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language)

Difference between HTML and XHTML

Advantages of using XHTML


Specifications to write XHTML code

HTML Web layout

HTML Table layout and Browser Issues

What is w3c?

HTML validation


CSS Training Syllabus

What is CSS?

Types of Cascading Style Sheets

1 Inline CSS method

2 Internal CSS method

3 External CSS method

Advantages of using CSS Technology

CSS Syntax Structure

CSS Properties and values

CSS Selectors

How to create CSS Horizontal menus?

How to create CSS Vertical menus?

How to create CSS Dropdown menus?

CSS Validation for a website?

How to write short coding in CSS?

CSS Properties and Browser issues?

Depreciative selectors in CSS

PSD to XHTML Conversion (Divs based web layout)

Working with Dreamweaver

How to create a website in Dreamweaver?

Advantages of using Dreamweaver tool

Final Project