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Searching for professional online Python training? Believe it or not, but Python is one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages used all over the world today. Python is easy to learn and easy to use. Not only is Python easy to use, but it is also easily adaptable to work with other programming languages and tools.

Our python training faculty has tremendous knowledge and well experienced in online python training. He created python training  modulus which will fulfill the present industry needs also designed for beginners . Our faculty is well experienced and real time industry experts with more than 4+ years of experience in Python training.Students can register for a live demo.

Note: “Lazy people or Lazy students  are strictly not allowed.”

History Of Python

A Python Q&A Session

How Python Runs Program

How you Run Python Program

Will discuss the history of Python, where it came from and the other reasons, A Q and A session, and a brief discussion about running programs. The part I will be in for a few time, almost for 1-2 hours to make you familiar with Python. And we’re ready to move on for our next Part which explains about Types and Operations

Introducing Python Object Types

Numeric Types


Lists and Dictionaries

Tuples, Files, and Everything Else

The Dynamic Typing Interludes

This part enables you to start digging into the awesome world of Python, it tells how everything in Python can be designed with the 6 primary data types, and how Python is a dynamic typing language unlike all other programming languages and what makes Python easy to learn and code your program in the day by day life.

Introducing Python Statements

Assignments, Expressions, and Prints

if Tests and Syntax Rules

while and for loops

Iterations and Comprehensions

The Document Interludes

Starting with coding your Python statements, we go in-depth with assignments, expressions, and the few differences between assignments and expressions. We’ll take a look at Print statements, more in-depth, and how you can manipulate print assignments, and you’ll be clear how Python is an Object-Oriented language and a few other examples to make your coding life fun! We’ll see a few branching examples with if-else statements and a brief overview of iterations. And the last topic of this part will cover how to document your program or script to hand over to a second person.

Function Basic



Advance Function Topics

Iteration and Comprehensions

Here you will learn how to convert your code into simple or complex functions so you can reuse it multiple times. Defining functions with the arguments, types of arguments, and a few special cases. By the end of the Python functions, you can almost create your very own program in no time.

Modules: The Big Picture

Module Coding Basics

Module Packages

Advance Module Topics

Modules are really powerful components in Python, it can be imported or loaded into your current program in a really handy way so that all the codes you require from other programs can be appended into your program. Here we’ll see how to create a Module, import a module, create a package, and a few advanced topics.

OOP: The Big Picture

Class Coding Basics

A More Realistic Example

Class Coding Details

Operator Overloading

Designing with Classes

Advance Class Topics

Exception Basics

Exception Coding Detail

Exception Objects

Designing With Exceptions


It brings to the final topic of our course, designing your program with Exceptions so you don’t need to worry about the wrong input and calculations, and users don’t need to tackle the output.

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