Online SEO training in India

ZEB Technologies is a professional SEO training institute in India. Our online SEO training syllabus is designed by our dedicated SEO trainers who have 7+ years of excellent SEO experience. In our online SEO training, we provide real-time subjects with live examples. Our online SEO will teach all the SEO latest concepts which are very helpful to optimize your website for different top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Testimonials of our online SEO students.

After completion of our online SEO training course, you can work as an SEO professional in India or abroad. To register  SEO demo visit course inquiry.


SEO  training syllabus  

 Basic SEO topics

What is Digital Marketing?

Advantages of Digital Marketing

What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)?

Why do we need SEO for our website?

What is a search engine and how it works

Types of search engines

What is Search Engine Algorithm

What is a crawler, robot, spider?

Domain names and SEO benefits

How to select domains for better SEO

Tips and tricks to select SEO friendly domain

Domain age and SEO Benefits


SEO keywords and placement

What is a keyword?

Types of keywords

Introduction to Keyword Research

Keyword Research Methodology

Keywords Analysis Tools for SEO

How to Prepare a Keyword List for SEO Project

How to select SEO friendly keywords

What is keyword density?

Keyword density and SEO advantages

What is keyword relevance?

Keyword relevancy and SEO advantages

What is keyword prominence?

What is keyword spamming and SEO disadvantages


Onpage SEO

Title Tag optimization in SEO

How to find duplicate titles  and how they affect SEO

Header tag optimization in SEO

URL Optimization in SEO

Image tag Optimization in SEO

File name optimization in SEO

Internal links optimization

External links optimization

Meta keywords tag optimization

Meta Description tag optimization

Meta Robot Tag optimization

Internal links structure for better SEO ranking

SEO content writing techniques

How frames affect SEO

How javascript affects SEO

why flash files aren’t SEO friendly

HTML validation using W3C

Validation errors and SEO Disadvantages

Page speed time and SEO

How to add Google analytics?

How to analyze Google analytics for better SEO

What is sitemap and advantages of sitemap for SEO

How to create sitemaps

robots.txt file optimization


Offpage SEO

Importance of off-page optimization in SEO

How to submit website to search engines

What is Link Building?

Types of link building methods

Social Bookmarking for SEO

Directory submission for SEO

Free classified posting and SEO benefits

Blog creation and SEO advantages

Blog commenting and SEO advantages

Forum signatures and commenting

Free Press Releases

Video submissions and SEO advantages

Local Business listings and SEO benefits

Article submission and SEO benefits

SMO(Social Media Optimization techniques for SEO)


SEO tools

Google Keyword suggestion tool

Google toolbar

Google PageRank  status tool

Keyword Density analyzer tools

Page Rank tools

Bank links checker tools

Google Analytics

Google Webmaster tools

Link popularity tools

Website auditing tools

Competitors website analyzer tools

Advanced SEO topics    (bold)

What is PA?

How to increase Page Authority for my website?

Effective competitors website analysis

Affiliate Marketing

Website monitoring for better SEO

Google massive SEO techniques