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ZEB technologies offer the best web designing course in Hyderabad, India. Web designing is a professional job-oriented course that consists of different technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and software tools like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and artistic approach. Nowadays every business needs a website to promote their product online with creativeness. Professional web designers only can understand and fulfill the client’s requirements. Our web designing faculty will teach the web designing course that students can expect in a creative manner.

We deliver classroom/online web designing training for students throughout the world. we are introducing Home-based software training in Hyderabad with well-qualified professionals under our supervision.


Web Designing Course Syllabus

We will update our web designing course syllabus according to the latest updates in web technologies.

Introduction to web technologies

What are the Internet and Intranet?

Advantages of using the Internet

Difference between  Internet and Intranet

What is HTTP, HTTPS?

What is a static website?

What is a Dynamic website?

What is an Ecommerce website?

What is HTTP Server or Web Servers?

Client-side/server side scripting languages

What is W3C?

What is CMS(Content Management Systems)

Advantages of Using CMS

Types of CMS



What is Domain?

How to register a Domain?

tips and tricks for selecting a domain name?

What is Web Hosting?

How to register Hosting packages?

Software requirements for uploading  website to Online web server

Understanding Cpanel

Software requirements for uploading  website to Online web server

Artistic skills for better Website Designing

Color theory

How to create creative banners?

How to develop creative skills?

Importance of artistic skills for professional web designers

How to select appropriate colors for websites

Logo Designing

How to impress the targeted audience by using creative banners?

Web Safe colors

Scripting Languages

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

XHTML  (Extensible HyperText Markup Language)

CSS 1.0 , CSS2.0, CSS3.0

Java Script


Software Tools



Pre-Production and Production for website designing

Required software for web designing

Understanding client requirements

PSD to XHTML conversion

Testing compatibility issues

How to solve compatibility (Browser issues)?

How to validate websites for HTML,css?

How to prepare client agreement

How to prepare a professional web designer resume?

Note: “We are introducing different topics which will increase the potentiality of the web designing students to settle as a professional web designer in this competitive world

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