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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open-source website platform used by 65 million people around the world. WordPress themes look good and the functionality of wordpress is very easy for webmasters as well as end-users. It is built on the basis of PHP and My SQL. Plugin supported CMS. These wordpress plug-in provide the functionality within a wordpress website.

Advantages of using wordpress as a Web platform

  •         Every search engine or primary search engine likes wordpress architecture very much
  •         You don’t need to have coding knowledge to build wordpress websites
  •         WordPress websites are easy to manage, and even easier when you’ve been shown how  and given a few useful tips and tricks
  •         WordPress websites are responsive meaning they are viewable across different electronic devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles, smartphones, tablets………….etc


WordPress Basic Information

What is CMS?

Types of CMS’s?

What is wordpress?

Advantages of wordpress?

Why is WordPress a popular CMS on the Internet?

About WordPress official websites and Help

How to create a free WordPress blog on the Internet?

Why does Google like wordpress websites?


Installing WordPress

 Technical supported configuration for wordpress platform

How to install wordpress?

How to Install WordPress on a Local computer?

How to install wordpress on an HTTP server?

Security measures for installing wordpress?

How to update a new wordpress version using a wordpress dashboard?


Complete WordPress Dashboard

What is a post? And how to add a post

How to add schedule postings

Categories and Tags

What is a page? And how to add page

Difference between page and post

Custom post and pages integration

How to delete post and page

How to handle media files

How to add images

How to customize images for different sizes

How to create Gallery (or) How to create a responsive gallery

How to delete images

Adding relative links and global links

Comment moderation in wordpress

How to restrict spamming through comments?

How to install wordpress themes?

Free wordpress themes

Premium wordpress themes

How to customize theme settings?

How to configure header image?

How to remove footer links?

What is a widget? How to add a widget?

How to create a dropdown menu?

How to apply background color?

How to edit CSS code using an editor?

How to install new CSS code?

What is a plugin?

Importance of plugins?

Introducing 15+ plugins

Updating plug-in with new versions

Users and Users level permission

Contact form integration